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Camp BoHoGro title

Singalongs, s'mores, leading the free world this is going to be the best summer ever.

– World Premiere


Conceived and created by Rachel Kerry & Jessie Winograd.
Devised by Brain Melt Consortium.


Helena Farhi, Travis James, Alexander Katz, Bianca Kenna, Connor Prickett, Ian Prince, Sarah Wilhelm, Jessie WInograd

True story: Bohemian Grove is a summer camp in Northern California where the country's most powerful men gather to shrug off the mantle of responsibility, cavort under the redwoods, entertain each other with musical extravaganzas, and walk around peeing on absolutely everything.

Our story: July, 1967. A fog of bitter rivalry hangs heavy over the camp. Ronny and Dick are vying against each other for the lead in the Our Free World camp pageant. PBJ engages in sadistic displays of dominance over his best bud, Hubie. Newspaper magnate Ignatius P. Freeley is collecting enough unpublishable dirt to take down the free world. Meanwhile, Barb drops off her teenage son W to spend some quality time with his grandfather and hopefully soak up a little ambition. But W's accidental summoning of the demon Molochia, combined with the intrusion of a band of hallucinating hippies and a groovy but meddlesome gonzo journalist, threatens to shut the camp down. Can the campers forget their differences and band together to defend what's most important: the centralization of American power?


Johnson Theater


Friday - September 9 - 9pm
Monday - September 12 - 6:30pm
Tuesday - September 13 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - September 14 - 6:30pm
Thursday - September 15- 9pm
Saturday - September 17 - 5pm
Sunday - September 18 - 8pm

Running time: Camp BoHoGro is 45 Minutes $15.

Camp BoHoGro Image

Brain Melt Consortium is a critically acclaimed theatre and multimedia production group interested in engaging audiences in new and evocative ways. We produce high energy, zany, genre defying art through a variety of different platforms. Our work explores popular culture, sexuality, feminism, and genre cinema. We seek to give content creators, especially theatre artists, an opportunity to devise work that has a transmedia mindset. Our shows have been produced in the Dream Up Festival, The New York International Fringe, FRIGID New York (winner best sound design, 2015), and the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe (where BMC received a four star review from The Scotsman for its burlesque themed play, Daughters of Lot). Most recently, BMC’s piece Seven Fragments won Best Video Design in the 2016 FRIGID New York Festival. Additionally, BMC has produces staged readings, web series, and interactive performance parties.

Rachel Kerry (director) is an awardwinning director, writer, and designer interested in innovative, transmedia storytelling. She is the artistic mastermind behind theatre/video company Brain Melt Consortium . Her work emphasizes devised movement, immersive environments, and the exploration of popular culture. Additionally, she is very proud to be the managing editor of New York Theatre Review.

Jessie Winograd (performer and dramaturg) was most recently seen in BMC's A Spectacular Night with the Stars! and The ChristmApocalypse and is currently working with choreographer Donna Costello. Other recent NYC projects: Bride of Frankenstein, an experiment in intimacy with Sharon Fogarty and For The Sins I Can Remember... with Vagabond Inventions. As a dancer, she has had meaningful performance relationships with Pele Bauch and Barbara Mahler, and has shown her own work in New York and in an unpronounceable town in Iceland. Jessie is also a massage therapist, a movement teacher, a student of Klein Technique, and Igor Winograd's favorite auntie.




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