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Mary V title

– World Premiere


* Playwright: Rebekah Carrow

* Directors: Yonatan Weinstein & Pati Amoroso

* Producer, Content Marketing, Web Design, Education & Outreach manager:
Lara Vosburgh
* Stage Manager: Sohailla Mahjour
* Fight Director: Joe Dinozzi

* Script Advisors: Michael R Piazza & Katherine Wadleigh

* Light Designer: Stephanie Garcia
* Sound Designer: Spencer Shafter

* Assistant Producer & light operator: Rebecca Werner

* Asst Stage Managers: Lizzie Kehoe, Kate Athol, Moly Lang

* Sound operator: Kate Athol

* Set Design & Prop Manager: Anna Kendall

* Set Design: Santiago Orjuela Laverde

* Assistant fight director: Grace Clower

* Production Coordination: Alexandra Moon

* Production advisor: Juan Felipe Zuleta
* Personnel Manager: Ramsee Chand & Omer Koren
* PR Cinematographer: Yurek Akbar

* PR & Marketing Director: Stav Moran Leshem

* PR Creative Director: Roni Weinstein

* Education & Outreach Managers:
Tania Maatouk & Lara Vosburgh
* Organizational Psychologist: Mor Winograd

* Asst Set Designer: Andrew Moerdyk

* Asst Set Designer: Barak Friedman

* Readers: Omer Koren, Daniel Sorockin, Constantine Malahias

* Space coordinator: Sean Mannix

* Digital PR: Begüm Öder

* Cinematographers: Dahlia Dennison & Omar Khaled Nasr

* Photographers: Pati Amoroso, Dahlia Dennison, Cj Baker,
Yurek Akbar, Dani Schoffman, & Avi Dorfman


* Rebekah Carrow as Mary
* Joe Reece as Henry

* Gakii Turi as Canterbury

* Yeena Sung as Williams
* Francesco Chen as Male Williams

* Katherine Wadleigh as Katherine

* Timothy Regan as Montjoy

* Lisa Campbell as Pistol
* Sebastian Gutierrez as Male Pistol

* Carolyn Becker as Nym
* Trevor Liu as Dauphin
* Isabel Langen as Bardolph
* Marcus Guerrier as Male Bardolph

* Caitlin Mileon as Exeter

* Andrew Gonzalez as Male Exeter

* Thanh Ta as Westmorland

* Samuel Downey as Male Westmorland

* Amy Marie Seidel as Bates
* Paul Richards as Male Bates

* Lindsey White as Court

* Kevin Stevens as Male Court

* Moira McCormick as Bedford

* Justin Desilets as Male Bedford

* Scott Shirk as Stage Manager

* Michael Andrews as Director

In this laugh out loud gory piece inspired by Henry V, Mary V is the one to wear the pants. Mary leads her band of sisters to a battle over the control of a production of ‘Henry V’ that is being staged by the Alpha Male leader Henry, his band of brothers and Katherine their female ingénue. The play explores the ways in which the division between femininity and masculinity ultimately yields destruction for both sexes, and that peace and understanding of gender is preferable to bias and conflict; therefore off stage Mary V’s international production team has embraced the UN's 'heforshe' campaign. Nietzsche's concept of "the abyss gazes back" -- faithfulness to one's ideals -- is also a prominent theme.

Our production team is very passionate about arts' active and crucial role in social activism. Therefore, because this play discusses violence between genders which brings to their mutual demise, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss how peace between the genders could help empower women around the world and in the theatre world. Our production has been inspired by the HeForShe project, which is a solidarity campaign for gender equality initiated by UN Women and promoted by the actress Emma Watson. Therefore, the play will be directed by a male and female directors who are both NYU graduates.

In addition, this production team has created a diverse cast and production team as an attempt to use Cultural Diplomacy to encourage men and women from different countries to create art and culture together in order to overcome prejudice and racism by understanding that communities around the world are facing a lot of the time similar challenges such as violence. We have people who are working on this production and come from: Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Trinidad, South Korea, Mexico and many more countries.


Johnson Theater


Sunday - August 28 - 5pm
Tuesday - August 30 - 9pm
Thursday - September 1 - 9pm
Thursday - September 8 - 9pm
Saturday - September 10 - 8pm
Sunday - September 11 - 8pm
Sunday - September 18 - 5pm

Running time: Mary V is 2 hours 30 Minutes $12.

Mary V Image

Lara Vosburgh will be the producer, and Sohailla Mahjour will be the stage manager. The cast will consist of Rebekah Carrow, Katherine Wadleigh, Caitlin Mileon, Thanh Ta, Moira McCormick, Isabel Langen, Carolyn Becker, Lisa Campbell, Lindsey White, Amy Seidel, Yeena Sung, Joe Reece, Nick Bonaparte, Sebsatian Gutierrez, Marcus Guerrier, Timothy Regan, Kevin Stevens, Paul Richards, Trevor Liu, Francesco Chen, Andrew Gonzalez, Scott Shirk, Mike Handelman, Michael Andrews.

The lead role or Mary will be played by author Rebekah Carrow. Carrow is a recent graduate of the Atlantic Acting Studio Evening Conservatory and has spent the past year writing "Mary V." Carrow seeks to expand "femininity on the American stage" and is particularly interested in exploring themes of gender roles and feminism in her work. Past acting credits include the roles of Mercutio in "Juliet & her Romeo," Nurse/Teacher in "B in Oblivion" and Gigi in "231." This is Carrow's first play.

The two co-directors of the play are Pati Amoroso and Yonatan Weinstein. Amoroso started her career as a teenager, producing her first musical at the age of 16. She would later attend some of the most prestigious film schools in Brazil. She has served as an actress, director, producer and translator for many theater and film productions in Brazil. Amoroso studied at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and is now directing an experimental webseries, "My Life as Morgan" and a play, "They'll Be Callin' Us Witches" for New York festivals.

Co-director Yonatan Weinstein directed a film "My Grandma - Frau Masha," in Israel at age 13. The film was broadcast on Israeli National Television and was shown at festivals around the world. Weinstein went on to study at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and at the BBC in London. With roles in productions ranging from director to video editor to set crew, Weinstein is expanding his work to the teater with his directorial debut in "Mary V."

* PR Video by Yurek Akbar:

* PR Video's Music Supervisor: Lara Vosburgh

* The Song in PR Video: 'Beyond the Doors'

* Original Music-Skyroads: Noam Hod, Tamar Yoffe,Tom Gov, Shalev Srur, Ami Nir

* Written by: SKYROADS

* Produced by: Noam Levinberg & SKYROADS

* Performed by:
Noam Hod - Production, Programming & Keyboards
Tamar Yoffe - Vocals
Tom Gov - Production & Keyboards
Shalev Srur - Drums
Ami Nir- Vocals & Guitar

* Link to song:

Space Providers:
*NYU's Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
*NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts
*The Atlantic Acting School

Special Thanks to:
* Tom Gambale from Media Racket
*Danny Passman
* Gabriel Souza Adde
* Brandi-lea Harris
* Pini Milstein
* The Side Walk Caffe
* Ram Nehari
* Yariv Gibli
* Gil Gibli
* Shlomit Harodi Baras
* Itai Ben Ari
* Antoine Combelles
* Timna Churges
* Dan Hasse
* Chris John Krause
* Sean Mannix
* Monica Sanborn
* Jasmine Johnson
* Karen Kohlhaas
* Katie Bull
* Davie Klein
* Phil Carlson
* Matty Mahoski
* Madeline Burton
* Alina Geramasimova

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mary-V-1008370179256133/?fref=ts


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