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– New York Premiere


Written by Athaluri Vijayalakshmi.
Concept/Direction/Conceived by Rajeswari Udayagiri.

“Missamma” drama is born out of the original movie “Missamma”. However, only the central point of the whole story, characters, characterization, their names, some very popular dialogues and some songs to revive audiences memory and make them travel the nostalgia path were adopted. Story for the drama was weaved between the characters with the thought of how would it be to see these characters migrating to the United States in late 70s. In the original story of the movie, these characters move to a village from a town to be working as school teachers and so that was a big change to the story. Once the main characters were decided to be moving to United States, aspects like legal, immigration, immigrant job conditions in those times, their education background etc all needed to be taken into account. Writer and Director have taken special care to carefully weave the threads and make sure the original flavor of the movie is not lost and at the same time the scenes and dialogues and flow does not become predictable. Once the story or scenes become predictable there is a great chance for the audience to lose interest just during the play as this movie is very popular. And hence special care was taken to make sure audience would not move out of their seat and watch the entire show and enjoy. We had a huge success and terrific response from the audience who were glued to their seats and did not realize they actually spent 70 minutes watching it. They applauded scene after scene, clapping for the dialogues, action, which boosted the artists strength and confidence.

Johnson Theater


Friday - September 16 - 6:30pm
Saturday - September 17 - 2pm

Community Theater

Sunday - September 18 - 2pm

Running time: MISSAMMA is 70 Minutes $18.


Author - Athaluri Vijayalakshmi
A very popular Indian writer/novelist, she is highly known and respected for her works for theater in India. She has written more than 500 short stories and more than 300 dramas, 30 plus novels were published. More known for her feministic ideas and quite inspiring stories and characterization of highly independent goal oriented women.  Some of her drama were adopted into feature films. More than 30 drama, novels and short stories combined were translated into other Indian languages. Received various awards for her work, served as a jury member for many competitions for aspiring writers etc.
Loves drama, novels and writing is her passion.

Rajeswari UdayagiriConcept/Screenplay/Direction (Founder of Sarasija Theaters)
Playing the lead role as Miss Mary, Rajeswari, has an impressive track record of being associated to media and entertainment industry for the past 19 years.  Back in India, she was a Television anchor, as an artist played lead roles in various popular soaps(Television serials), dubbed voice to many heroines in Telugu (South Indian language) movies, played lead roles in more than 50 radio and stage drama back in India. She is also a professional Master of Ceremony (MC) for various programs that are conducted by the Indian community organizations at National and State level. Active member and volunteer for various Telugu associations in United States. Also she is heard on local radio program in regional languages, in Dallas, TX.  She writes blogs and articles to magazines in regional language whenever life and time permits. Working as a Pricing and Analytics Manager in the utility industry, Rajeswari is highly passionate about drama and voice over works, she has a vision and dream to build a special stage for Telugu Theater.



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