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The Title Should Be Spoken Out Loud Around Three-Quarters In title
– World Premiere

Written by Antony Raymond.
Developed by Elsinore County.

What happens when you get drunk and write the "World's Greatest Play"?
Well, for Gene and Thomas it means a love triangle and a musically charged fight scene that ends in bloodshed. Who knew Monday night could be so much fun?

Johnson Theater


Monday - September 12 - 9pm
Tuesday - September 13 - 9pm
Wednesday - September 14 - 9pm
Friday - September 16 - 9pm
Saturday - September 17 - 8pm

Running time: The Title Should be Spoken Out Loud Around Three-Quarters In is 1 Hour 20 Minutes $18.
The Title Should be Spoken Out Loud Around Three-Quarters In Image

Antony Raymond is the artistic director of Elsinore County, an award-winning Greenwich Village based theater company founded in 2011. Named after one of Raymond's earlier plays, Elsinore County is dedicated to providing audiences with "smart, poignant, and exciting entertainment that fearlessly explores...human experience." With a tendency towards satire and farce that rests on the darker side of comedy, Raymond has written several plays for New York Theater companies, resulting in a varied history of playwrighting and directing. Raymond was trained as a professional actor, and has appeared in many Off-Broadyway shows, with a focus on Shakespearean plays. Before getting involved in the world of theater, Antony Raymond was a professional wrestler who challenged WWE legends, ranging from the Iron Sheik to Superfly Jimmy Snuka.




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