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Words and Music title
– World Premiere

"Words and Music" is written and composed by Daniel Schwartzman, with direction by Suellen Rubin and sets, costumes and choreography by James Martinelli. Lighting design is by Alan Sporing. Music direction is by Erica Kaplan.

Ghost - Kyle Hughes
Nurse - Betsy Marra
Patient - Robert Quinn
Howie - Kerry Wolff
Pamela - Jerii Aquino
Roger - Robert Quinn
Ed - James Martinelli
Shrink - Michelle Maccarone

"Words and Music" by Daniel Schwartzman is a musical that explores the lives of two aging men struggling to stay afloat in the rapidly evolving New York theater industry. The production raises questions about the mass-commercialization of musicals and the theater industry as a whole. In addition, there are also poignant themes of loyalty and friendship even in the face of defeat. The musical is written and composed by Daniel Schwartzman. Suellen Rubin will direct.

The play follows Ed, a piano tuner and composer haunted by premonitions of his deceased wife, as he pursues a career as a composer of musical theater. Together with his ailing friend and lyricist Howie, he creates a musical intended to be the next big hit, and pitches it to several theaters in the hope that one of them will give it a production. However, after several rejections Ed's mental health begins to deteriorate, turning his collaboration with Howie toxic and resulting in them parting ways. The play outlines the struggle of Ed trying to escape his past, in the form of his wife's ghost.

This will be the world premiere of "Words and Music." The score is composed by Daniel Schwartzman, and is modeled off late 20th century Broadway musicals. The music and lyrics manage a reflective tone, mirroring the emotions of the main characters as they near the later stages of their lives.

Community Theater


Monday - August 29 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - August 31 - 9pm
Saturday - September 3 - 2pm
Sunday - September 4 - 8pm
Wednesday - September 7 - 9pm

Running time: Words and Music 1 Hour 15 Minutes $15 without intermission.

Words and Music Image

Suellen Rubin is a playwright and actor making her directorial debut with "Words and Music" after assistant directing Schwartzman's "A Casual Gathering" at the 2015 Dream Up Festival. Rubin is on the Board of All Out Arts and a sponsor of the Fresh Fruit Festiva, where she has performed in her play "Persephone's Autumn."

Daniel Schwartzman is a native New Yorker and a composer, musical director, writer and conductor. After studying in New York, Schwartzman attended Tel Aviv University, where he received his M.A. in conducting and composing. His time studying in Israel kicked off a career in the Tel Aviv musical theatre scene. One of his more recent works, as musical director of a production of "The Sound of Music," was a critical success in Israel, garnering rave reviews from local and national papers including a letter of high recommendation from the Rogers and Hammerstein Organization. He is presently working on a professional production of "Billy Elliott." "Words and Music" is Schwartzman's ninth original play that has been produced, and the second to be performed in New York City. His show, "A Casual Gathering," was presented in the 2015 Dream Up Festival.


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