Dream Up Festival 2017

A Crack Up at the Race Riots title

– World Premiere


Novel by: Harmony Korine.

Adapted and Directed by: Toney Brown.

Stage Manager: Bobby Peatman

Lighting Design: David Levitt

Will Healy, Kevin Lynch, Veronica Sisson, Ryan Usher, Kristi Winkelman, and Noel Anthony Martinez

“Slacker meets James Thurber in this idiosyncratic collection by the daring young screenwriter of Kids, the most controversial film in recent years…

Now, in this book of fictional set pieces, Korine reinvents the novel form, capturing the fragmented moments of life observed through the demented lens of media, TV, and teen obsession. With a filmmaker's eye and a prankster's glee, this bizarre collection of jokes, half-remembered scenes, dialogue fragments, movie ideas, and suicide notes is an episodic, epigrammatic ode to the world of images. This is the ultimate postmodern video novel -- funny, offensive, primitive. Korine is the voice of his media-savvy generation, and A Crackup at the Race Riots is the satiric love child of his darkly bizarre imagination.”- Double Day Press on the novel A Crack Up at the Race Riots

“It’s about a race war…and the Jewish people sit in trees and the blacks are run by MC Hammer and the whites are run by Vanilla Ice.”- Harmony Korine on A Crack Up at the Race Riots.

In his NYC directorial debut, Toney Brown takes text directly from the novel and brings it to life onstage with a cast of seven performers. It will meditate on Artaudian notion of psychology and suicide: the term mad is thrust upon those whom society determines speaks unbearable truths. It will meditate on the notion of theatrical content and form. At the end, the performers kill themselves. It takes place in America.


Johnson Theater


Sunday - August 27 - 8pm
Wednesday - August 30 - 9pm
Thursday - August 31 - 6:30pm
Sunday - September 3 - 8pm
Wednesday - September 6 - 9pm
Monday - September 11 - 9pm
Thursday - September 14 - 9pm
Saturday - September 16 - 5pm

Running time: A Crack Up at the Race Riots is 65 Minutes $12.

A Crack Up at the Race Riots Image

Toney Brown (director/adaptor) is a creative artist residing in Astoria, Queens. He has worked on productions at Abrons Arts Center, HERE, TNC, The Brick and with Target Margin Theater and Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he was a recipient of the Rand Scholarship for Directing. He just joined The Living Theater.

Harmony Korine (Author) is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, writer, and artist who became the youngest credited screenwriter at age 19 for his screenplay Kids (1995). His directorial debut, Gummo (1997), is one of the most controversial and influential films of independent cinema. He has written and directed the award winning films Julien Donkey-Boy, Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers, and Spring Breakers. His novel, A Crack Up at the Race Riots, was first published in 1998. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Rachel and their daughter Lefty. He gave the rights to Toney over a phone conversation and told him to send him pics and vids on the smart phone. Also, his uncle or second uncle is Joe Chaikin. On his moms side.



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