Dream Up Festival 2017

Dimensions title


Written and Directed by:
Feedom Russino.

Choreographers include:

Madam Ambition
Chamise Reneé
Zahvier Pompey

Costumes by: IntimateGrind Apparel

Seamstress: Toliglhia "Tiggy" Archer


Chamise Reneé as "Bailey"
Bobby Tolliver/Nick Santiago as "Aaron"
Toliglhia "Tiggy" Archer as "Nia"
Young Tef/ Lydia Daya Ware as "Spice"
Tyler Ellison as "Walt"
Chardé Betton as "Allison"
Yisa Duro as "Shawn"
Jennifer M. Lawson/Kashmere as "Tina"
Tymeka Holmes as "Gabby"
Jason Vee as "Ty"
Preston Thomas Martin as "Ethan"
Tiffany "Kash" Young as "Rida' "
Sabastian Caine Roy as "Mr. Johnson"
Sylvia "SP" Pullum as "Frankie"
Jasmine Kelley/ Tah Thompson as "Tee"
Nic Ludd as "Sky"
Karter Gray as "Michael"
Ms. Reign as "Que"


Meek Jaffe
Ms. Reign
Gillian Alex
Pit Johnson
DaRuddest Jones



Dimensions brings viewers on a remarkable journey through the contemporary struggles of the American minority. Set in a volatile world of collegiate Greek life, the themes of this play include self-identity, overcoming insurmountable odds, sexuality, and the power of the individual. Viewers have described finding themselves in a tranquil state of understanding as they allow the work’s undertones to wash over them and bring to light many difficult natives as only song, dance and spoken word may. Further enhancing a gripping plot, Dimensions’ employs a full minority cast while integrating a fashion runway and live performances throughout the show. Curated fashion designers including IntimateGrind, Gold and Wealth Apparel LLC, STUD FIT NATION, and FrantzyFace Clothing deliver powerful visual stimulation while capturing the essence of life behind modern culture. Dimensions is a safe space for all individuals and creatively envelops each of the viewers’ five senses for a fully encompassing experience like no other.


Johnson Theater


Sunday - August 27 - 2pm
Monday - August 28 - 6:30pm
Tuesday - August 29 - 6:30pm
Saturday - September 2 - 8pm
Sunday - September 10 - 5pm
Sunday - September 17 - 5pm

Running time: Dimensions is 2 Hours $20.

Dimensions Image

Currently residing in NYC by way of Philadelphia, Freedom has been moving audiences through performance since the tender age of six . From private vocal and dramatic instruction to Creative and Performing Arts Schools through a love of spoken word all the way to Broadway , Freedom has acquired quite the resume . In wanting to ensure that all artists are given a fair chance , Freedom is the founder of the non profit organization "New Spirit Productions" which gives performance opportunities and production resources for minority artists and offering affordable vocal and drama classes to the community of all ages . Freedom truly believes that the arts can bring light to many social issues and injustices thus giving a voice to many unheard . That is why Freedom has stepped off the stage and picked up a pen creating "Dimensions " , which is the first production of its kind utilizing as many artists and art forms as possible to tell a story. By picking up the directors hat , Freedom has been able to convey all of this to audiences . You can be on the lookout for a television series for "Dimensions" as well as other theater projects from Freedom .  



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