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For What It's Worth title


Playwright/Director: Christopher Bayon.
Lighting design: Jessica Davison.
Choreographer: Ruby Berube.

More information about all of our cast can be found on our website at


Xiaoqing Zhang - Violin
Christopher Bayon - Trumpet
Caddy Finlayson - Violin
Gina Chapman - Violin
Elya Siani -Violin
Marcus Herndon - Euphonium
Thomas Hutchings - Saxophone
Michael Brinzer - Saxophone
Xander Kozak - Percussion
Nick Wheeler - Percussion
Steve Boghossian - Percussion
Aprille Onward - Trombone
Wayne Walcott-Trombone
Jeremy Pagirsky - Electric Bass Guitar

Facebook: www.facebook.com/forwhatitsworthnyc
Instagram: @fwiwnyc

JAZZ x CLASSICAL OFF BROADWAY SHOW The play is a musical battleground - Jazz VS. Classical. The reason for this uproar is that lead musician on Trumpet, Christopher falls in love with lead violinist, Carolina.

Carolina is from an upper class family while Christopher is a struggling musician. The two can not be together, but still try to even though Carolina's family does not accept it and Christopher's peers do not accept it. Will they end up together? Will their peers and families tear them apart? Will they choose on their own to stay apart? Come to the show and find out.


Community Theater


Saturday - September 10 - 8pm
Tuesday - September 12 - 9pm
Wednesday - September 13 - 6:30pm
Sunday - September 17 - 8pm

Running time: For What It's Worth is 45 Minutes $20.

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*Chris Bayon is an actor, writer and director. He has been creating content as a filmmaker and playwright for the past 8 years in New York City. He has written and been featured in several short films such as Petty Frauds, The Rotation and Bruce (short) and his debut feature is premiering at the NYC Independent Film Festival on May 6th. He graduated with a business degree from Gettysburg College in 2009 and received the Wagnild scholarship to play the trumpet. He immediately moved to New York City upon graduation, attended the William Esper Studio from 2009-2011 and has been writing, producing, acting and directing since. As an actor he has starred in several short films, a handful of features, two off-Broadway productions and has been in numerous national commercials.*  



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