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Katie title

– World Premiere


Playwright: Miguel Toruño.

Director: Penny Templeton.

Stage Manager: Jesse Meckl


Alixx Schottand
Justin C. Schilling
Allison Threadgold
Maya Schnaider
Pat Lawrence
Wilma Rivera

Katie is a debut play by Miguel Toruño. He has previously served as an assistant district attorney for Manhattan and an ethics attorney in the US Congress, and draws on his legal background to provide a unique
perspective on the examination of good and bad that each of us must make in our day-to-day lives.

What are the limits of devotion?  When a disabled young woman who cannot speak turns eighteen she appears to display the desires of an adult. In trying to interpret the young woman’s feelings, her mother
and therapist are forced to face decisions neither of them ever expected to make.  In this world premiere, Katie asks audiences to examine their viewpoints on devotion to family, sexual consent, treatment of the disabled, and the role we want the law to play in enforcing our views on these issues. Toruño’s goal in Katie is to provide audiences with a platform to examine the limits of a community’s devotion to providing a good life
to a loved one, and whether in some circumstances that devotion should go beyond social norms, taboos, or even the law.  In this play, the relations of a mother to a child, a neighbor to a friend, and a government to its citizens clash in ways that have never been explored onstage.  Additional information can be found at www.KatieThePlay.com.


Johnson Theater


Monday - August 28 - 9pm
Tuesday - August 29 - 9pm
Friday - September 1 - 6:30pm
Saturday - September 2 - 2pm
Monday - September 4 - 8pm
Tuesday - September 5 - 6:30pm
Thursday - September 7 - 6:30pm
Monday - September 11 - 6:30pm

Running time: Katie is 2 Hours $15.

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Miguel Toruño

Miguel Toruño is originally from California where he attended UC Berkeley before coming to New York City to study at St. John’s University School of Law.  After law school, Miguel served as an assistant district attorney at the Manhattan DA’s office.  He then worked for the Inter-American Development Bank investigating corruption in international government projects.  Most recently, Miguel was a senior attorney to the US House of Representatives’
Committee on Ethics.  All of these experiences have strongly influenced the subject matter of Miguel’s work as well as his approach to playwriting.  Miguel hopes to bring to audiences a unique perspective on legal and ethical issues that arise in our society. Katie is the first of his plays exploring these subjects.


Penny Templeton

Penny Templeton is the author of Acting Lions: Unleash Your Craft in Today’s Lightning Fast World of Film, Television and Theater. This comprehensive book on the art of acting is often referred to as today’s new “Acting Bible." Penny also is profiled in the books; Acting Teachers of America by Ronald Rand and Promoting Your Acting Career by Glen Alterman.
In 1994 the Penny Templeton Studio was established, training actors for the stage, feature films, and television. She was also selected to teach Acting for the Camera by Columbia University for their Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) program. As an industry expert, Penny has also been a finalist judge for the New York Film Festival, Emmy and Cable Ace Awards. In addition, Penny’s actors have received 11 Emmys and a Golden Globe Award. Penny trained with and acted opposite of the renowned actor, Paul Sorvino, in All the King’s Men at The American Stage Company. She also studied under Wynn Handman, master teacher and artistic director, who cast her in Joyce Carol Oates’ play, I Stand Before You Naked at The
American Place Theatre. Twenty-five years later Penny developed and directed the   one-woman concept play of I Stand Before You Naked. Additional directorial credits include the off-Broadway show The Rise of Dorothy Hale, The Ticking Clock, F Train and the Idiot’s Guide to Life.
Learn more at PennyTempletonStudio.com.



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