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Looking Back at Bangkok and Beyond title

– World Premiere


Written, Directed and Performed by: Stephan Morrow.


Stephan Morrow

These excerpts are based on real life experiences of a young vagabond/pilgrim searching for some truth in the old ways that could still be found in forgotten hamlets around the world and are based on a global pilgrimage that Stephan Morrow made at the end of his teenaged years. He made his way full circle in a little less than two years with minimal funds(about a hundred dollars and change in his knapsack at any given moment),but was armed with a lot of curiosity and an open heart. This was way before plastic was ubiquitous and the American Express office was the only link to the familiar. He lived for three or four months in about a half-dozen places - most way off the beaten path - this was not tourism - and when he began to feel comfortable in a community - getting to know people by name, for example his traveler's credo made it time to move on because he felt he had stopped growing. Eventually on a wet, Sunday afternoon in a small town on Taiwan after not speaking English for a week he came to the conclusion - that the challenge of surviving on very little all over the globe had come to an end and he began to make his way back to NY where he pursued a path in the theater. Of late they seem to have a new significance--the world has been changed so much by war, mayhem and modernization over the last thirty years that a record of what it was like when many of the 'old ways' could still be found in out-of-the-way, unknown villes that its transformation made him want to capture some of what it was like before his memories of this underground culture of travelers and the exotic places they parked in for awhile faded into oblivion since they were a fairly unusual slice of the world. It should be noted that this is not so much a travelogue as a meditation or a self-examination taking place with many sometimes gritty, sometimes surreal places as the backdrop.


Cabaret Theater


Tuesday - September 5 - 6:30pm
Saturday - September 9 - 8pm
Wednesday - September 13 - 9pm
Saturday - September 16 - 8pm
Sunday - September 17 - 8pm

Running time: Looking Back at Bangkok and Beyond is 100 Minutes $12.

Looking Back at Bangkok and Beyond Image

Director/actor/writer Stephan Morrow has worked with Arthur Miller, Norman Mailer and Elia Kazan, and has acted in and directed many Off Off Broadway productions including six plays for Mario Fratti (author of ‘Nine’) @ TNC. Stephan directed and starred in his first independent feature ‘Dogmouth’ by John Steppling, which has won five awards, been the Official Selection of nine film festivals and has received distribution in the UK, Germany and Japan on Amazon VOD and is due to be released in the U.S. on Amazon next month. It began as a Dream Up Festival project.  



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