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Parental Guidance Suggested (An Unfortunately True Musical Dramedy) title


Written and Directed by: Irene Hernandez.

Cast: Maria Alvarez, Irene Hernandez, Darius Journigan, Irene Kontalos, Jake Miele, Simone Parker

Parental Guidance Suggested takes place within the typical daycare workday of Irene, the assistant teacher who does all of the dirty work of the job: cleaning, preparing snacks, changing diapers, toilet training, more cleaning, organizing activities, dealing with the constant criticism of the lead teacher, and taking care of the chaotic kids (played by adult actors): Jenny, who cries over everything; Annie, a picky eater who takes everything away from the other kids, Milo, who takes forever to fall asleep at naptime and Peter, who only likes to drink juice and who’s bladder and temper hate Irene. To keep her sanity from this candy colored prison, Irene breaks the 4th wall – and into song. It’s an unconventional book musical, with uncensored songs about typical daycare dillemas: two little girls fighting over the same doll, a little boy scared of monsters and can’t sleep at naptime, a bed wetter who pees in his pants – again and the agony of cleaning playdoh from everything. Its music ranges from Rock 'n' Roll, Pop Ballads, Blues, Alternative Rock and Barbershop Quartet. The characters sing their grievances to Irene, while she struggles to get through her workday at the daycare and hopes to find a better job.


Cabaret Theater


Sunday - August 27 - 5pm
Friday - September 1 - 9pm
Saturday - September 2 - 8pm
Sunday - September 3 - 5pm
Wednesday - September 6 - 6:30pm
Sunday - September 10 - 8pm
Tuesday - September 12 - 9pm

Running time: Parental Guidance Suggested (An Unfortunately True Dramedy) is 65 Minutes $15.

Parental Guidance Suggested (An Unfortunately True Dramedy) Image

Paul Bremner is the composer of Parental Guidance Suggested (An Unfortunately True Musical Dramedy). He is a rock guitarist for the rock band, IZZ for almost twenty years. Parental Guidance Suggested is his first musical as composer. Paul is originally from Scotland. Irene Hernandez is the writer and director of Parental Guidance Suggested (An Unfortunately True Musical Dramedy). She is an actor, writer, director, producer, singer, jewelry designer, teaching artist and the artistic director of her own theater company, Dancing Frog.

Irene has had several of her plays at theater festivals, such as Downtown Urban Arts Festival (for three years in a row), and Lower East Side Festival of the Arts. Parental Guidance Suggested was previously performed at NY Winterfest in January. Irene graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA in Theater. She lives in Rockaway Beach, NY.  



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