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– World Premiere


Written and Performed by: Samsun Knight.

Director: Aaron Garfinkel.


Samsun Knight

“The Pharmacist,” written and performed by Samsun Knight, is a one-man show about a pharmacist who accidentally gives someone the wrong prescription, and then tries to fix his mistake. It’s a story about depression and antidepressants, about heartbreak and love, and about what happens when shit hits the Internet. Funny, dark, and to the point, the show is at once a speculative fiction about the direction of internet culture and an investigation of modern loneliness. Don’t accidentally mix up your tickets; come to this.


Cabaret Theater


Sunday - August 27 - 8pm
Monday - August 28 - 9pm
Tuesday - August 29 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - August 30 - 9pm
Thursday - August 31 - 6:30pm

Running time: The Phramacist is 45 Minutes $12.

The Pharmacist Image

Playwright and actor Samsun Knight is a fiction MFA candidate and Truman Capote fellow at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he began “The Pharmacist” as a story told between two characters, but then quickly grew legs of its own and demanded its own space and its own immediate presentation in the form of a one-man show. Under the guidance of director Aaron Garfinkel, he developed “The Pharmacist” into the urgent, intimate, and darkly humorous production that will premiere this summer at the TNC.

Author: Samsun Knight is a Truman Capote Fellow and Graduate Fellow at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, in the fiction MFA program. His one-act "Before the Orgy" debuts this July at the Hudson Guild Theater as part of NY Summerfest.

Director: Aaron Akira Shibata Garfinkel is a painter and writer from San Francisco, California. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  



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