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The Woman, Illusion title

– World Premiere


Written and Directed by: Piper Rasmussen.

Costume Design by: Nell Simon.

Lighting Design by: Christina Tang.

Sound Design by: Jess Malcolm.

Props Designed by: Daphne Liu.


Nadia Sepsenwol
Dafna Gottesman
Quentin Moore
Jackson Ridd

The Woman Illusion by Piper Rasmussen is a playful, wicked gallery of ways to be a woman, from a dressing table to the battlefields of Queen Elizabeth I. A small cast leads a funny, empowering, hour-long adventure through time and space, using magic and theatre techniques to gently unravel the spellbinding everyday performance of femininity.

Being the right woman at the right time -- wife or employee, actor or leader -- means performing a constant disappearing act on the parts of yourself that don't fit. Speech and action for, by, and about women often strengthens these disappearing acts. This un-magic is difficult to see without the help of complementary magical distortions. The necessary distortions are performed by award-winning Magic Castle magician Jackson Ridd (http://jaxridd.com). These sections are friendly and participatory, leading gracefully into performances by a cast of actors performing scenes in styles ranging from ritual to realism.

The show culminates in a shared experience for audience, cast, and the spirits of the women we carry with us. The Woman Illusion softens the ties that bind us to day-to-day realities, making it easier for its audience to open subtexts and read between the lines. It is an open invitation for any audience member to answer “the woman question” more truthfully. With humor and hope, this show undoes magic with more magic, pushing theatricality to its limits to achieve greater human understanding.


Cabaret Theater


Monday - September 11 - 9pm
Wednesday - September 13 - 6:30pm
Thursday - September 14 - 9pm
Friday - September 15 - 6:30pm
Saturday - September 16 - 5pm
Sunday - September 17 - 2pm

Running time: The Woman, Illusion is 70 Minutes $15.

The Woman, Illusion Image

Written and directed by Piper Rasmussen.

Piper Rasmussen studied theatre and playwriting at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her full-length play “Rumplestiltskin” was a Young Playwrights, Inc. National Contest Winner in 2012; her work has also been produced in Columbus, OH and Portland, OR. She has worked in artistic, technical, and administrative roles with New York groups like Object Collection, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, and The Actors Company Theatre (TACT). Piper is a regular theatre reviewer for Theatre Is Easy (Theasy.com).  



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