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- World Premiere of new translation


August Strindberg (1849-1912) (Writer)

Robert Greer (Translator, Director)


Bob Homeyer • David Kubicka • Natalie Menna.

Creditors is Strindberg’s boldest statement about sexuality and one of the boldest ever put to paper. Tekla, a writer in her 30s, feels ignored by Gustav, her much older antiquarian/classics scholar husband who leaves her six months at a time to dig in the Middle East. She meets Adolph, a fast-rising painter her own age, and they begin an affair that leads to their marriage. The scandal-sheets of the day initially side with the wronged professor but turn the tables on him when Tekla begins modelling for Adolph, who creates a sensational series of portraits of her in costume. Tekla and Adolph each come to feel that they’ve outgrown the other, and Tekla declares that she will sleep with whomever she pleases. Adolph is unable to leave her and submits to being made “ridiculous”, much as he and she had made Gustav “ridiculous”. Gustav returns after seven years, bent on revenge, and does so by preying on Adolph’s resentments, with fatal results. Strindberg subtitles Creditors “A Tragicomedy”; and it is, as we feel that each of the three characters deserves the hand that they’ve been dealt. The subtitle today could read, “The Perils of Polyamory”. Creditors is a play about open marriage in an era that today’s public would think such behavior to have been unthinkable. It was not: Strindberg was a journalist before he became a novelist and a novelist before a playwright. He is reporting, if in heightened form, and the message remains relevant, perhaps having become even more so.


Community Theater

Monday - August 27- 6:30pm
Tuesday - August 28 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - August 29- 9pm
Saturday - Septetmber 1 - 8pm
Tuesday - September 4 - 9pm

Running time: Creditors is 80 Minutes $15.

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August Strindberg (1849-1912) is Sweden's national playwright and leader of the Naturalist and Expressionist movements in theatre and fiction. He exerted a strong influence on Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee and Maxim Gorky; Eugene O'Neill cited him as the only playwright to do so. Strindberg wrote over sixty plays, most still in production on the stages of Europe, more prose than drama and more non-fiction than prose. Were his plays not so successful, he might be even more famous as a novelist than playwright.

Robert Greer (translator, director) is founding director of August Strindberg Rep, for which he has directed fifteen Strindberg plays to-date. He has staged Englishlanguage premières of numerous contemporary Scandinavian playwrights, including Sweden's Marianne Goldman, Helena Sigander, Cecilia Sidenbladh, Oravsky and Larsen, Hans Hederberg, Margareta Garpe and Kristina Lugn; Denmark's Stig Dalager and Norway's Edvard Rønning. He has also directed classics by Victoria Benedictsson, Laura Kieler, Anne Charlotte Leffler and Amalie Skram. His productions have been presented at the Strindberg Museum and Strindberg Festival, Stockholm; Edinburgh and NY Fringe Festivals, Barnard College, Columbia University, Rutgers, UCLA; Miranda, Pulse and Theater Row Theaters, La MaMa, Manhattan Theatre Source, Tribeca Lab, Synchronicity, TSI, BargeMusic; and The Duplex in LA. He has also directed plays by Mario Fratti, Sartre and Corneille here in New York. He is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, Actors' Equity; the Strindberg Society, the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study and Swedish Translators in North America.


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