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Moving Bodies title

- World Premiere


Playwright: Lorraine Liscio.

Director: Myriam Cyr

Love and science, can a woman have both? Paris 1740, the Age of Enlightenment. When the Marquise du Châtelet and Voltaire take opposing sides in a controversy over Newtonian physics, sparks fly and one of the greatest love affairs of the eighteenth-century takes flight. Its Paris 1728 and Secretary of the Academy of Science affirms Newton's calculation of the force of moving bodies: Force= Mass x Velocity. When Emilie du Châtelet corrects his mistake in an open letter in the Journal of Science: Force =Mass x Velocity squared, the Secretary strikes back Your female condition is the source of your illusions. But Emilie is right, Newton got it wrong. No longer could men claim that the female body clouds female reason.

A starred Parisian night, masked women and men play. Voltaire, sharp witted, a man of the Enlightenment, writes about all manner of subjects: the properties of fire, Newton's philosophy, human rights, religious intolerance, differences between British and French governments and more. Emilie, a scientist, lover of the arts, gambler, rich, wants to meet him. For the next ten years Emilie and Voltaire will shuttle back and forth between Paris and their Cirey chateau where they will spend their days in study and lab experiments, and evenings hosting plays and opera for visiting friends. A sworn enemy, Madame de Graffigny, will tear them apart.

Defiant, excessive and real, the unapologetic scientist Emilie du Châtelet fought for her place as one of the world’s greatest scientists. Moving Bodies reclaims Emilie's story and tells how she fought for love and science and why as a woman she was never allowed to have both.


Cabaret Theater

Sunday - August 26 - 8pm
Thursday - August 30 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - September 5 - 6:30pm
Friday - September 7 - 9pm
Saturday - September 8 - 2pm
Sunday - September 9 - 3:30pm
Sunday - September 9 - 8pm
Sunday - September 16 - 2pm

Running time: Moving Bodies is 85 Minutes $20.

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Author: Lorraine Liscio Playwright Lorraine Liscio has recently started writing for the theatre. Her other plays are City of Ladies (about Christine de Pizan), short version done at the Cloisters' Medieval Play Festival; The Sheltered Fire (the letters of Heloise and Abelard); and Gono Superiore. Her publications include: Paris and Her Remarkable Women, (Little Bookroom, NY) and literary journal articles on Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, Nadine Gordimer, Eudora Welty, Georges Bernanos, and Stéphane Mallarmé. For the past six years she was a member of Pulse Ensemble Theatre under the direction of dramaturge Lezley Steele. Formerly she was Adjunct Professor in English and Director of Women's Studies at Boston College and previous to that taught in Romance Languages at UVM and Syracuse University.

Director: Myriam Cyr Poet Laureate Myriam Cyr is a theater director, critically acclaimed writer, and award-winning actress intent on promoting female narratives whose works includes Letters of a Portuguese Nun. She last directed SimonSays at the Culture Project with Brian Murray, which the New York Times hailed as “thrilling” and last year brought I Am Antigone to the Theater for the New City. Ms. Cyr is Newly Artistic Director of Punctuate 4 dedicated to developing new works. She was nominated as best director by Broadway World in 2016. Her book Letters of a Portuguese Nun was named “Book of the Month” by The Guardian and translated into eight languages. As an actress, Myriam was a member of Steven Berkoff’s company at the Royal National Theatre under Richard Eyre and played Salome opposite Al Pacino. She is currently producing Hedda Gabler for Universal Studios in a screenplay adaptation by Oscar and Tony Award winner Christopher Hampton. She will be directing Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort this Fall in NYC and The Confession based on the New York Times bestselling novel for Blue Gates Musical in Nashville Tennessee. ________________________________________ Cast

Lee Mikaska Gardner - Marquise, Emilie du Châtelet
Jonathan Tindle - Voltaire
Sarah Oakes Muirhead - Madame de Graffigny
David Beck - Saint Lambert, Maupertuis, Koenig


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