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Pretty Babies title
- World Premiere



Playwright/Director: Antony Raymond.


Dan McVey, Ava Paloma, Alyssa Kempinski

Pretty Babies introduces us over time to six characters who use each other for their own personal gains, all while justifying to themselves that they are acting on the grounds of true morality and love. The audience is first acquainted with Claire and Jason, a young drug-addicted couple in New York who begin the play by arguing -- or debating -- what it means to truly be faithful to one another as each brings up a recent time when the other was acting less than so. Their banter and attitudes towards one another start things off with a thoughtful, if cold, sense of humor. The arrival of their cocaine dealer Billy brings with it sidesplitting dialogue which quickly turns intense as the newcomer is sucked into the fray that he unknowingly walked into.

Next, in Los Angeles, we meet Martin who is involved in a frustrating "relationship" with the young Randi. Martin is business casual all the way while Randi, an “aspiring actress” sports black cocktail and leopard print dresses and prefers to end her countless wild nights with raw animal sex, whether Martin is into it or not. He expresses these frustrations to his sister Sam who is staying with him after a devastating break up. The siblings talk openly about their sexual experiences and wantings over a bag of Sun Chips that neither particularly enjoys the taste of. Until a later confrontation at least, these two appear to be the healthiest relationship in the entire show.

Of course these two groups were always meant to collide in chaotic fashion, as Randi is actually Jason's long lost half-sister and drags Martin with her across the country to meet her brother in New York. As the reunited siblings meet for the first time, it becomes clear that the two were meant for each other and destined to live out a life of sex, drugs and danger together, the fact that they're related not even factoring as an obstacle. Eventually the entire cast shares the stage and with so many personalities sharing one room, an imminent collision threatens to bring the laughter to a gasp.


Johnson Theater

Sunday - September 2 - 5pm
Monday - September 3 - 6:30pm
Wednesday - September 5 - 6:30pm
Tuesday - September 11 - 6:30pm

Running time: Pretty Babies is 90 Minutes $18.

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Antony Raymond has managed to build an assorted, wide-ranging body of New York theater in the last decade. He is a classically trained actor turned playwright and director. His written works produced in New York City include APARTMENT 301 (Access Theater) GIN AND MILK (CSV Flamboyan); ELSINORE COUNTY (Theatre Row and Cherry Lane Studio Theater); YEAH, I MET THIS GIRL (Zipper Factory and Under St. Marks); LUSTYNESS: PLAYS ABOUT THIS GUY NAMED LOU (Under St. Marks Theater) JULIO (Kraine Theater) and GROVE/STREET (13th Street Rep) also all directed by Raymond. Directing credits also include the one woman show, BETTE DAVIS AIN’T FOR SISSIES, by Jessica Sherr. (EdinburghFringe and 59E59) BLUFF (Provincetown, MA) and PROVINCETOWN MURDER MYSTERY (Provincetown, MA) As an actor, Raymond has appeared in several Off Broadway shows, including: FOOLS IN LOVE; THE TEMPEST; BEACH TRIP and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. He has studied with Uta Hagen, Austin Pendleton, Reed Birney, and Robert Perillo. Before turning in theater he was a professional wrestler who wrestled WWE legends, such as The Iron Sheik, The Honky Tonk Man, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, and Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

Cast: Dan McVey, Ava Paloma, Alyssa Kempinski


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