Dream Up Festival 2013

Down the Garage title

– New York Premiere


Written by: D.J. Mendel.

Directed by: Colleen DiVincentis.

Down the Garage is an experiment in the art of distraction. It can be argued that we distract ourselves with a multitude of things, so much that we become so physically and mentally exhausted that our purpose and true nature get lost in the shuffle. The play explores the act of eliminating all distractions to become who we were meant to be. The main character Fritz’s attempts to occupy himself with “vacations”, tools, lists, and other calculations, all lead to a dream-like circus of an existence that does not lead to fulfillment or his expectations of what he is supposed to be. He finds solace in exercising his mind as a machine in the repair shop, but obstacles are everywhere and he must take drastic measures to extinguish them.


Cabaret Theater


Friday - August 30 - 9pm
Monday - September 2 - 6:30pm
Thursday - September 5 - 6:30pm
Friday - September 6 - 9pm
Saturday - September 7 - 8pm

Running time: Down the Garage is 80 Minutes $15.

Down the Garage Image

Colleen DiVincentis is a New York City based director, actress and producer.  She has acted in numerous off-Broadway productions.  Notable roles include: “Girl” in Baby in the Basement at the 15 Minute Play Festival; “Meredith” in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress; “Bianca” in Happy Hour; and “Harper” in Angels in America.
She has directed such productions as The House of Yes  and  Howl and Other Rants.  Colleen has worked closely with independent filmmaker Alia Raza as an associate producer and actress on several short films, including White Light based on the short story by Miranda July.  She also starred in the short film The Moment I Died directed by Vicent Zambrano.

DJ Mendel has worked with avant-garde theater-makers like Richard Foreman, (The Universe, Permanent Brain Damage and  Panic!), Karen Coonrod (Christmas at the Ivanov's/ CSC), and 31 Down (Red Over Red, Here At Home) .
He most recently starred in Hal Hartley's latest feature film, Meanwhile, which premiered at IFC in NY in October. Since 2000, Mendel has played roles in Hartley’s feature films No Such Thing (2001), The Girl from Monday (2004), and Fay Grim (2007). Other starring film roles include: Richard Sylvarnes’ The Cloud of Unknowing (2004) andH.C.E (2007), both debuting at the Tribeca Film festival, and the title role in Salvatore Interlandi’s critically acclaimed Charlie (2006).
Mendel's plays that have been presented in New York include, Dick Done Broke, (Bushwick Starr) Tom, Dick and Harry, (Ontological), Exhaust Pipes and Manifolds (CSV Cultural Center) and Why I Love Country Music. Mendel also wrote and directed the feature film, Make Pretend.
As a director, he has most recently directed Daniel Bernard Roumain’s  Symphony for the Dance Floor which had its New York premiere in October 2011 at BAM’s Next Wave festival and is currently directing Cynthia Hopkins' This Clement World.
Other Recent theater directing credits include Cynthia Hopkins’ musical theater play, The Truth: A Tragedy, which premiered at Soho Rep in May 2010 and toured the U.S. and Europe later that year. Previous work with Ms. Hopkins includes directing her shows Accidental NostalgiaMust Don’t Whip ‘Um and The Success of Failure (or, The Failure of Success)—all of which were presented at St. Ann’s Warehouse in  New York as well as throughout the US and Europe.
D.J. also works with singer Rosanne Cash, video designing and directing her last two tours: Black Cadillac: In Concert and The List: In Concert.



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