Dream Up Festival 2013

Jack the Bird title

– World Premiere


Written by: Isaac Hoffer.

Directed by: John Kurznowski.

Lighting by: Mike Faba.

Set & Costumes by: Joey Wolfslau.

Sound by:Eben Hoffer

Produced and Developed by:Tugboat Collective

with Nick Trotta as Jack,
Hannah Finn as Desmonde,
Sam Corbin as Laura,
Nathaniel Basch-Gould as Clarence

Jack, a bird, is in love with Desmonde, a student. She doesn't know he exists - and to further complicate matters, she is a human being, and Jack has only the vaguest idea of what human beings are about. The play explores the interaction of different kinds of powerlessness - linguistic, social, and economic - and the danger of treating others as symbols rather than individuals. It is also about being a bird. As the action progresses through monologue, dance, invocation, and the fractured intimacy of drunken conversation, two very different worlds emerge: one in which Jack lives out his fantasies, and one in which Desmonde and her friends get on with their lives.


Community Theater


Sunday - August 18 - 2pm
Tuesday - August 20 - 9pm
Sunday - August 25 - 8pm
Tuesday - August 27 - 9pm
Thursday - August 29 - 6:30pm
Saturday - August 31 - 5pm

Running time: Jack the Birdis 45 Minutes $15.

Flambeaux a Carribbean Musical Image

Tugboat Collective is a Brooklyn-based group of collaborative theater artists dedicated to developing accessible, low-cost, experimental theater. Tugboat Collective makes work via a continuous training and workshop process rooted in our individual interests, skills, and histories. Our company contains actors, designers, writers, movers, and musicians; we explore all of these disciplines in all stages of rehearsal, developing pieces of unexpected form and unity. Our work is for an audience; it is funny, strange, sad, and tries to make more problems than it solves.

Eben Hoffer is the founder and co-artistic director of Tugboat Collective, and Technical Director at The Kitchen. Sound Designs include The (*) Inn (associate), The Yellow Sound (Target Margin Theater), Mallery Avidon’s Mary-Kate Olsen..., A Streetcar Named Desire (Williams College), Lulu, The Cherry Orchard (Columbia Stages), On The Table (Sojourn Theater),The What Dance, Poor Sailor, and Moon & Marble, and Inside Some Tiny Things (Tugboat), and the 2011 Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab. Assists Tony Award winning sound designer Darron L West. Music Director: Under Construction and workshop of Cafe Variations (SITI Company).  Engineer: Melancholy Play (13P), tours for Bill T. Jones, Dean Moss, Wally Cardona. B.A. Williams College.

Isaac Hoffer appeared in the orchestra pit as a cellist in Fernwood Middle School’s widely-praised production of Anything Goes and also played the dread mount of the Nazgul Lord in Lord of the Rings at Willowbrook Arts Camp. He is currently a writer and musician in Brooklyn.    He has played and/or recorded with bands including Urban Growth Boundary, Mesomanos, Emperor Norton, and Tiger House and has released three solo albums as H Duck.    His most recent plays are The 64 Names of God and Jack The Bird.

John Kurzynowski is the founder and artistic director of Theater Reconstruction Ensemble. Directing credits include Set in the Living Room of a Small Town American PlayThe Three Seagulls; or MASHAMASHAMASHA!Doctor FaustusA Doll's House (TRE), Hamlet (Organs of State), Pullman Car Hiawatha (Target Margin Theater), Fat Fat Fatty (Dream Up Festival), and various developmental workshops for Fresh Ground Pepper, including Dylan Lamb's Ten Ways On A Gun and Evan Watkins' Very Useful Information Regarding How To Build An Empire That Will Not Fail. As an actor he has appeared in The Really Big OnceThe Magic Flute: A Sound Op-Era (TMT), ObskeneMarcellus Shale (Talking Band), Babes in Toyland (Little Lord), and developmental readings of David Greenspan's A Horse's Ass (Classic Stage Company) and Chiori Miyagawa's This Lingering Life (New Dramatists). Upcoming: Zara Notes at HERE Arts Center and TRE's Salesmen: a meditation on masculinity and the American REAL! BFA: NYU.

Joseph Wolfslau is co-artistic director of Tugboat Collective, and a set, sound, and costume designer based in New York City.    Recent designs include sound for Clown Bar (Pipeline Theater Company), sound for #ReganCross (Theater Row), set, props, and costumes for Moon & Marble (Tugboat Collective), sound for Telemachus, Darling (HITS), set and costumes for The What Dance (Target Margin/Tugboat Collective), sound for 4 Sustenance (The Movement Theater Company), sound for The Rub (Hole in the Sky), costumes for Our Town (The New School), sound for The Good Person of Szechwan (Columbia), costumes for Ghost in the Machine (Dead Copycats), set, sound, and costumes for Harm’s Way (Philaletheus Society), sound for The Seagull (Lake Lucille), and sound for P.S. It’s Poison (Panic).



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