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M. - Solo for Three Minds Title Image
M. - Solo for Three Minds Title Image

– U.S. Premiere

"I only know who I am and what I am when I find out who I was and who I was surrounded by."
Marcel Proust

Devised and Performed by:Miloš Sofrenović.
Text re-translated and spoken by: Sheila Sofrenović.

Live movement -- performed and perceived in the present -- is actually a temporal experience, in the sense that, once executed, it is constantly analysed and processed as a revisitation of past experience. Through my dialogue with Marcel Proust's capital work "Remembrance of Things Past", I discovered a strong relationship between three discourses -- Memory, Movement and Monologue. This solo piece , "M. -- SOLO FOR THREE MINDS" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust), investigates this relationship as it is being established and questions it. The following questions became the dramaturgical building blocks upon which this solo performance in 12 scenes is based. 

Those questions are:

1. Can movement be assumed to exist only as remembrance?
2. Can movement be re-lived or re-experienced in order to make it last forever?
3. Can we reach and experience a metaphysical level of existence through movement?
4. Can the conceptualisation of bodily action make thought a physical reality and movement a cognitive reality?

Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSekXMJoQas to check out the You Tube trailer of MILOS SOFRENOVIC (2010 / 2011) // "M. - SOLO FOR THREE MINDS" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust)


Friday- August 19 - 7pm
Saturday- August 20 - 5pm
Sunday- August 21 - 7pm
Wednesday- August 24 - 7pm
Friday- August 26 - 7pm

Running time: M. -SOLO FOR THREE MINDS is 63 minutes $15.

M. - Solo for Three Minds (Dialogues with Marcel Proust)
Devised and performed by: Miloš Sofrenović
Musical concept and arrangement / dramatisation of text by Miloš Sofrenović
Musical composition and arrangement / sound engineering by Jan Vysocky
Text re-translated and spoken by Sheila Sofrenović
Costume and stage design by Miloš Sofrenović
Photographs by Ivan Ilic - Kisholjubac & Ana Adamović
Trailer devised by Chris Clow
Light design: Bojan Gagić
Duration of performance: 63 minutes

This production has been produced by ZAGREB DANCE CENTER / CROATIAN INSTITUTE FOR MOVEMENT AND DANCE (http://www.plesnicentar.info/)

Audio segment of this production has been produced by DELIKOS (www.delikos.rs)

MILOS SOFRENOVIC, performance artist, pedagogue, director. SECOND SEASON (2010/2011) "M. - Solo For Three Minds" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust) is a second full length piece from this author's choreographic tryptich "THREE SEASONS" . He devised & performed his FIRST SEASON (2009/2010) : "Solo For Three Visions" (Visions of Peter Hanke, Samuel Beckett & Virginia Woolf) to the highest critical acclaim, bringing him also a nomination for the most prestigious state award in choreography "DIMITRIJE PARLIC" at the National Theatre in Belgrade in 2010. THIRD SEASON (2011/2012)"Solo for Two Cities" (Imaginary dialogue between Milos Crnjanski's "A Novel About London" & Lawrence Durrell's "Alexandrian Quartet") will close this cycle of solo works exploring the relationship between movement & literature, again devised & performed by the artist himself.

This performance artist, choreographer, director and pedagogue has received his dance / choreographic education as a scholarship student of the distinguished Laban Centre (dance academy) in London.

He is also a recipient of several international scholarships from the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Soros Foundation (Belgrade), Dance Web Program (Vienna), Dance Omi Programe (United States of America), Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore).

Among others he has collaborated successfully with choreographers Ana Sanchez Colberg (London), Kitt Johnson (Copenhagen), Liz King (Vienna), Danny Tan (Singapore), Mikhail Honesseau (Berlin), Pina Bausch (London), Filippo Armati (Locarno), Sonja Vukicevic (Belgrade).

He has presented his works at festivals in Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje, Zemun, Novi Sad, Edinburgh, London, Vienna, Istanbul, Singapore, Stockholm, Graz, etc.

Fragments from the reviews about the work that will be present at Dream Up Festival:

1) "Even though the performer’s denuded presence is in itself conceptual material, in M – SOLO FOR THREE MINDS (Dialogues with Marcel Proust) this material is given substance by its literary model, the quintessence of Proust’s wisdom. The dialogue with Proust unfolds on several levels, from the questions inspired by Proust’s work, to which Sofrenovic tries to provide answers through movement, to illustrations of Proust’s thoughts and words, which never descend into banality, but on the contrary faithfully revive their meaning and lived-through experience. What is encouraging about a form of artistic expression that is constantly in danger of becoming hermetic an self-satisfied, is that the audience recognises these qualities in Sofrenovic’s work and rewards them by its participation, resulting in what performance art and, indeed, modern theatre in general, sees as its highest aim: to abolish the distance between performer and audience, in other words, to achieve a shared presence." / taken from an article " PRESENCE – MOVEMENT – PROUST"written by Tina Peric for the theatre magazine LUDUS /

2) "Through the frequent repetition of key movements, Sofrenovic faces his own transience, while the content of the textual background touches on universal themes such as the relationship between body and spirit, and attitudes to pain and death. Apart from examining his personal recollections, the author studies bits of consciousness which are often distorted and in which details are more important than the - overall picture and he raises questions about dance as a medium which only exists at the moment of its execution, and which later passes into memory, as well as the ultimate question of collective memory – values that should not be forgotten. Milos Sofrenovic is a perfectly rounded choreographer, and we will certainly hear more of him in the future." (taken from an article "In Search of Lost Values" , written by Jelena Mihelcic for DANCE SCENE, 27 February 2011 )

3) "His new piece is called “M. – Solo for Three Minds – Dialogues with Marcel Proust” and in it this young artist, who lives and works abroad, showed the degree of seriousness with which he prepared his new solo performance and how far he has honed his unquestionable talent on both the dance and emotional levels. His extraordinarily carefully conceived and executed solo piece, whose construction must have demanded a considerable amount of time, and none of it lost, testifies to the complete maturity of this artist and his powerful mastery of his specific dance technique, which is both complex and intelligent." (taken from an article "Remembrance of Things Past", written by Milica Zajcev )




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