Dream Up Festival 2013

The Natural History Of The Unicorn('s Horn!) title The Natural History Of The Unicorn('s Horn!) title

– World Premiere


With Lily Azrielant, Lynne Rey, Sebastiani Romagnolo, and Alex Franz Zehetbauer
Created, Composed, Choreographed, Designed and Directed by Alex Franz
Zehetbauer. Franklin Dove text Written in Collaboration with Mary Miller
Stage Manager: Erin Mullin

Unicorn / Auctioneer: Alex Franz Zehetbauer
Maiden / British Royal Family / Unicorn Worshipper: Lynne Rey
Franklin Dove / Henry IV of France / Unicorn Worshipper: Lily Azrielant
The Church / Pope Clement VII / Unicorn Worshipper: Sebastiani Romagnolo

A vibrant and enigmatic Gesamtkunstwerk, "The Natural History of the Unicorn('s HORN!)" is born of this elusive creature's rich past (dating back to 398 BCE) and its relationship to capitalism, Christianity, and The Other.


Community Theater


Thursday - August 29 - 9pm
Sunday - September 1 - 2pm
Tuesday - September 3 - 6:30pm
Thursday - September 5 - 9pm
Saturday - September 7 - 8pm
Sunday - September 8 - 5pm

Running time: The Natural History of the Unicorn('s HORN!) is 50 Minutes $15.

The History of the Unicorn's Horn! Image

Alex Franz Zehetbauer is an NYC-based performer, director, singer, composer, choreographer, and visual artist. He has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with The Talking Band, Taylor Mac, and worked under the direction of Richard Foreman. He holds a BFA in Drama from NYU's Experimental Theater Wing at Tisch School of the Arts. Alex is currently a Black Studio Resident at LEIMAY-CAVE (2012-2013) Brooklyn, NY where he has created two new works: "PE2O" (February 2013) and “The Joy of Cooking with Sybil” (June 2013, SOAK Festival). He is also one of eight primary contributors to www.morningtomorning.org, a monthly online publication and space for artistic experimentation.



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