Dream Up Festival 2013

Upcoming Train
Stopped Clock
Untitled Waiting

– World Premiere


Producers: Claire Shang-Ling Kuei, Mika Yin-Chih Lee, & Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li.

Playwright: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li.

Director: Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li.

Stage Managers:Wanning Jen, & Mika Yin-Chih Lee.

Cast: Hsin-Yuan Peng, Claire Shang-Ling Kuei, Owen Scott, & Anthony Walters.

Stage Designer: Yin-Chiao Liao.

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen.

Sound Designer: Shu-Ying Chung

Costume Designer: Sienna Huang

Production Assistants: Mini Gu, Grace Li, Yu-Chien Liu, Utako Nakayasu, & Hsin-Yuan Peng.

“Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting” is a manifesto of the ritual of waiting, presented by four characters in representation of the general public and artists. The ritual, addressed upon life/death and reality/illusion, will be shown by paronomasia within the conversation, by metatheatre, by the interaction among the animate beings (characters) and the inanimate beings (mannequins), and by the embodiment of the sufferings from the ritual itself to accent the timelessness of the action and the ridicule of the action itself.


Johnson Theater


Saturday - August 24 - 8pm
Sunday - August 25 - 8pm
Monday - August 26 - 9pm
Wednesday - August 28 - 9pm
Friday - August 30 - 6:30pm

Running time: Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting is 75 Minutes $15.

Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting Image

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li (Director/Playwright) earned his MA in Performance Studies at NYU Tisch. He is a performing artist having created productions embodying cultures of sexuality, literature, and political concepts as a director, performer, and playwright in New York and Taipei with an aim to create a better life. He is, as well, a writer composing poetry, prose, and short stories dealing with his deliriums in both Mandarin and English. Currently Dennis is the member of The Living Theatre and The Performance Troupe of The Forum Project. His directing credits including his original plays: In Search of Shakespeare, She/Her, and The Trial, and modern plays: The Echoes (Adam Roebuck/The AlphaNYC), Marat/Sade, and Six Character In Search of An Author. Other credits include Here We Are (The Living Theatre), Spring Pictures of the Floating World (Peculiar Works Project), What’s In A Name (Theatre Askew), Same River (Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble), and Kiss Me, so I am Queer (a performance art piece, Chashama). www.dennisyuehyehli.wix.com/dennisyuehyehli



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